9 Self Marketing Tips To Help You Be Seen After The Uniform Comes Off

One day, the uniform has to come off.

The uniform is our billboard, our own personal advertisement, and it can ruin us when we step out into the civilian world. (Civilian’s, if you want to understand us better, keep reading.)

Think about it. When we walk into a room, the uniform speaks. The people in the room know our branch of service, name, rank (okay, Navy sorry…only the Marines know your rank…the rest of us are lost), and career field. We even know how to respond based on what is on that person’s uniform…and that is before we have even spoken a word!

When we step out into the civilian world, we walk out essentially muted. No signage announcing who we are, what we did, or where we are in the hierarchy. Now we have to figure out a different way to communicate and it is often one we don’t like…we have to talk about ourselves.

It makes for a tough transition. (Continue reading here...)

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