The One Critical Life Skill You Need For A Successful Transition

And is often underdeveloped...

When I retired from the military in 2020 I was a tense ball of knots. I had zero idea what my next move was going to be. Actually, that is not true. I knew I did not want another boss, nor did I want a 9–5 job. I knew one other thing.

I was a hot mess. I know there are plenty of you out there that can relate. Even if you were not in the military, I’m sure you can think of a period where you were a hot mess. If you can’t, you are either 10 and haven’t had enough life under your belt…or you’re lying to yourself.

If you’ve been reading these blogs, you have found that my “hot messness”, led to my crash and burn upon retirement. It needed to happen. I needed to crash and get a little crispy.

It is what comes next that is critical.

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