Okay, last week was about ensuring you are prepared to leave the military at any point. This week I thought it would be good to discuss the other end…transitioning into the military. Please share with anyone you know that is considering coming into the military.

In 1993, I was in my sophomore year of nursing school. Our class was told jobs were abundant; we could write our own ticket anywhere and pretty much the world was our oyster. A year later there were rumblings that the nursing field was slowing down their hiring of registered nurses (RN) and increasing the use of certified nurses aides (CNA), as a way for the hospitals to save money. A year later, the rumblings were validated. I was graduating into a world where hospitals were no longer offering graduate nursing programs; team nursing was the new standard (less RNs, more CNAs); and our resumes were being returned to us with a letter to tell our friends to not waste their time and money (we snail mailed our resumes back then).

Fortunately, when I heard the rumblings, something inside me said you better look at alternative options for work. This made me sit down with myself and ask what I truly wanted. What I found was that what I wanted had less to do with my degree, and more to do with the collective lifestyle I desired. Here is what I figured out I wanted.

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