Why Over Complicate Life, When Simple Is Often The Most Profound

I was out walking the dog listening to a random podcast and heard the statement “Simple is often the most profound.”

Profound. I had to stop and think about that for a minute. Is simple really profound? I answered the question as quickly as I asked it.

As a child, my fondest memories revolved around nature. There was a path, behind my friend Theresa’s house, that led down to railroad tracks, and beyond that, the river. It felt like you were entering Narnia. The path cut down through the birch and pine trees. In the spring, it was a muddy pathway; summer, a dirt lane; fall, a leaf covered trail; winter, an icy avenue. In the summer and fall, we would dare each other to ride down the path on our bikes; everyone was scared as hell, but no one backed down from the challenge. The tree on the corner, where the path turned slightly right, caught many of us, and minus a couple scrapes and bruises, graciously left us intact.

Take a right where the trail met the tracks, head down a couple hundred feet, and the “pine forest room” was on the left. It was a magical place to me. It was approximately a 100’ x 100’ area of just tall pine trees. The pine needles shed made soft flooring, and absorbed the sounds of the outside world. When I stepped into my enchanted room, I left the world behind. It was the magical place we would make pretend with the neighborhood kids; our camping area; our place to cool off on a hot summer day; and my safe place when my world felt out of control.

I recently was able to go back to my Narnia. (Continue reading here...)

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