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Our Team Members

Professionals who care about you and your journey

Kevin Stone

Kevin Stone

Cover Art and Formatting

I'm going to make your book look amazing.

Donna Hoffmeyer

Donna Hoffmeyer

Self-Publishing Guide

The key part missing for the first-time self-publisher is education. Our focus is to teach you each step of the way.  We want you to understand the roles of each team player, what questions you need to ask, red flags to avoid scams, what platform(s) will work best to print your book, how to get a copyright and get your book into the Library of Congress, along with the hundreds of other questions that will arise on your adventure. We believe teaching empowers you with the tools to be the master of your journey.

Kate Novian

Kate Novian

Web Design

I will help you create a digital space where your readers can learn about who you are, the message you have to share or story you have to tell, and a way for them to discover where and how to obtain their own precious copy of your work.

Kelly Daniel

Kelly Daniel

Editor: Fiction

I'm going to educate and work with you to polish your manuscript.



Our Team

Publishing Pathfinders

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