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Veteran Coaching...with a twist

Any transition can be tough. Transitioning out of a culture, to which we have dedicated a portion of our life, can be exceptionally strenuous. Many people have described it as a feeling of loss...loss of value, loss of purpose, and loss of identity. The struggle is even more difficult when we are unsure how to navigate this new world. The question that always comes up is, "Why is it so hard?".

The first answer is often, "Civilians do not understand us and what we have been through." Although there is truth in this, there is additional reason.

We are not in touch with our core selves...our instincts.

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When we do not have that intimate relationship with ourselves, then we tend not to trust our instincts. The result...people getting out and playing is safe. We've all seen them. Get out of the uniform and walk back into the same or similar job as a civilian for the next 20 years. in general, security and familiarity are the priority and fulfillment is not. 

Personally, being unfullilled is not how I want to spend my post military years. 

Or maybe it is a case of just grabbing any job just to have income. Fine, if that is a temporary part of your bigger vision plan. Not so fine, if that is your only plan.

So, if we are feeling lost and do not trust ourselves to navigate this new foreign world, then how do we move forward?

I'm glad you asked.

We begin by taking off the many layers we have built up over the years. We open up and clean out some of the closets we have filled up over the years. We work on connecting with inner selves. We learn to trust our instincts, even when they may not make complete sense at the moment.

We do this through focused meditation.

Hold on, hold on. No, this is not some yogi retreat. No, you do not have to wear a toga (unless you want to). 

This is learning how to get quiet and listen to ourselves. That is it. And yes, everyone has the ability to do it.

Once we have built this trust, then it is time to move forward with helping you develop your vision and find your path to fulfilling that vision. And the best part is...

You can do all this without leaving your house.

It is never too late to start. Let's talk! Scroll down to send an email to set up a free consultation appointment. 

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