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R.E.B.el LLC

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Helping Veterans succeed in their civilian life mission.

Transitioning Warrior

Transitioning Warrior

Guiding new authors through the self publishing journey

Publishing Pathfinder

Publishing Pathfinder

About R.E.B.el LLC

R.E.B.el LLC is named after one of the biggest veterans advocates, Richard Ellis Bennett...or just good old Rick. He was a unique character. Whether he was engaged with a sergeant or a general, he treated everyone equally with respect. He left an impression on everyone he met. Rick strengthened my belief in doing the right thing for the right reasons...even when no one else understood or even agreed. R.E.B.el LLC is built on the foundation of this premise. In 2019, Rick was in a fatal car accident. He was a few years from retirement and had plans to continue his advocacy when he retired. R.E.B.el LLC is a tribute to the work he wanted to continue after his transition out of the military...advocating and educating others.

The Story

Illuminating the path forward in life by educating, equipping, and empowering both transitioning veterans and first time, self-publishing authors to be the masters of their own journey.

Mission & Vision

Richard Ellis Bennet, the warrior who had a passion for advocating for and educating others. REBel LLC is named after him.
Donna Hoffmeyer retired from the military in 2020 and published a book called "Pandemic Parodies" and helps others live well

Meet the Founder

Welcome to REBel LLC! I'm Donna, wife, mom, nurse, veteran, author, blogger, podcaster, and founder of R.E.B.el LLC. ​ I retired 1 Oct 2020 after 21 years of service in the Air Force.During my last 8 years, I saw firsthand the struggle the service members were having with consistent medical care, administrative chaos, and transition. It was during this time I co-authored Warrior to Patriot Citizen (2017); focused on military transition. When I retired in 2020, I was completely burned out and was struggling in my own transition. I took 6 months off from life to regroup. I kept myself busy working with our daughter, putting together another book, Pandemic Parodies. It is a humorous take on our family navigating the beginning of the Pandemic. ​ Over the next year, I found focus. In April 2021, Taking Off The Armor started, It is a weekly blog that is veteran-focused, but not veteran-exclusive. In October of the same year, I launched R.E.B.el LLC and the DBA The Transitioning Warrior, which focuses on Veteran advocacy, coaching and consulting. Since then two podcasts, Veteran events, and Veteran breakfasts have been added to provide additional resources to Veterans. Over the last 2 years, it has been an exciting journey. R.E.B.el LLC added a second DBA, Publishing Pathfinders. Its goal is to guide and educate new authors through and about the process of self-publishing. ​I am blessed to have the love and support of my family and close friends. I am now on a path that feels right. It is all coming together. If I can educate/empower/equip half as well as Rick, I will consider myself, and this business, a success. ​ I look forward to meeting you...maybe as someone to collaborate with, brainstorm with, mentor, coach, consult...or just have a cup of coffee with. No matter which way, it will be great to connect with you. ​ With Gratitude, ~Donna

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