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Veteran Coaching

Transitioning out of the military comes with unique challenges and changes. 


I've been there. 


I can help you thrive in your new chapter of life.

Female veteran standing infront of window putting uniform jacket over a chair.

Any transition can be tough. Transitioning out of a culture, to which we have dedicated a portion of our life, can be exceptionally strenuous. Many people have described it as a feeling of loss...loss of value, loss of purpose, and loss of identity. The struggle is even more difficult when we are unsure how to navigate this new world. The question that always comes up is, "Why is it so hard?".

The first answer is often, "Civilians do not understand us and what we have been through." Although there is truth in this, there is an additional reason.

We are not in touch with our core selves...our instincts.

Veteran Coaching... with a twist.

Camoflage backpack and legs of veteran standing beside the bag

Did you know...

...transition stress is real?

...after leaving service, many Veterans experience worsening health and well-being over time?

...low depression, high social support, high and psychological resilience are predictors of well-being after transition?

...2022 research showed 15.1% of Veterans reported suicidal ideation within the first year of separation?

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it.

Lacking a deep connection with ourselves often leads to a lack of trust in our own instincts. As a result, many individuals choose to play it safe when transitioning, opting for familiar paths. These individuals can be observed leaving their military uniform behind only to step into a civilian job that resembles their previous occupation, often staying in this comfort zone