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Kate Novian

Web Design


Hi! I'm Kate. I am a UX/UI Designer, and have been designing and maintaining informational websites for more than a decade; and have watched as platforms have come and gone, algorithms have developed and changed, and the way design trends have changed right alongside them. I understand the difference between advertising a consumable product and promoting yourself and your work. I believe in keeping the technology working for you, instead of the other way around. Technology is great... when it works... so keeping your site simple enough to be managed easily and your search engine optimization (SEO) up to date with the search engine algorithms is key to marketing your material efficiently. Ultimately, your goal is to connect authentically with your audience in today's digital age.

I consume literature and non-fiction alike on an epic scale. My favorite places are filled with books, including my personal library at home. I have a passion for all kinds of complex machines, from computers to gadgets, and always have some creative project going on, too. I write fiction for my own use, and help authors flesh out their imagined worlds so that they can share their mental landscape with their audience.

I am excited to start collaborating on a website that works for you.

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