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Donna Hoffmeyer

Self-Publisher's Guide

Hi I’m Donna! I am a two-time author, veteran, nurse, mom, wife, and lover of books!

I have been where you are…and possibly in a worse position. The first time I self-published I co-authored the book. The details are irrelevant, but the end result was I was left on my own to pay for and bring the book to print. I made one mistake after another. However, I was fortunate to have people step in my path to help get me to the finish line.

The second time I was the sole author and a bit more seasoned. There were still things I learned and there were a few chaotic parts, but it went MUCH smoother. Needless to say, I am adept at the pitfalls of self-publishing.

After all was said and done, and I had a moment to reflect, one thing struck me. In the “wild west” of self-publishing, there was an enormous gap…the educational piece. I felt if we had a team that not only provided services but EDUCATED the author, they would have a safe place to learn and do it on their own the next time.

After a few unexpected conversations with Glee and Kevin, the next thing I know, we have a team of five, fully believing in this mission, and eager to get it off the ground.

I cannot wait to work with you. I want my lessons to become your successes.


Donna Hoffmeyer
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