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Kevin Stone

Cover Art and Formatting


Hi, I’m  Kevin Stone, a seasoned design and graphic arts professional, and author. Don't let my serious look fool you...I love working with people, I just hate selfies. I have worked on every kind of design, from advertising to logo design to brochures. My well-rounded experience I believe makes me an ideal candidate for collaboration. I have feet in the commercial and in the art world. This straddling of those two worlds gives me perspective to create unique and striking designs. 

I love working with people. That’s what makes me happy. There’s nothing better than getting that call or email that a design is loved. It's a “get up from the desk and fist-pump moment” that I relish and truly appreciate. When I was offered the opportunity to become part of a team to educate and help first-time self-publishers through the publishing process, it was an immediate yes.

I love all design. It is amazing that we live in a time when good design is being cultivated and appreciated. I have designed ebooks, books, and many many covers. I pride myself on communication and creating a rapport with my clients. Great work comes from great relationships! I look forward to building one with you. I also blog about book & book cover design on my website Good Design Is Good. 

A little secret about me…I love movies and creating comic books. In high school, I created a comic book series based on my high school friends. In my spare time, I am either devouring movies or creating more comic books. 

I am very excited about the opportunity to work with you and design a beautiful creation.

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